Our Story

Our mission is to spread God's love

JK Welfare was created in them memory of a great man, Jelte Kits.
He lived his life with the Bible as his foundation. Throughout his life he taught the principles of thithing and charity. He inspired us by example. These lasting impressions, lead the way of JK Welfare Foundation.

On a practical level, JK Welfare Foundation is wholeheartedly supported and assisted by Vision Meat in accordance with our duty as prescribed in the Bible.
Vision Meat has decided to financially support JK Welfare Foundation to ensure that all the money is being allocated to right places. All NPOs are by law regulated to audited yearly. This assures that every cent is applied correctly.

The calling JK Welfare Foundation is primarily to care for orphans and widows and secondly the elderly. 
We follow where the Lord leads.

Our vision for the future is a place where we can help everyone that needs it, to not only survive but to thrive.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Here at JK Welfare Foundation our mission is to support the poor communities in and around the Klerksdorp area.

Who We Are

JK Welfare Foundation was inspire by a great man, Jelte Kits. He taught us how to live right, with a compassionate attitude.

JK Welfare Foundation is an NPO (Non-profit organization) with the goal of helping people. Our main focus is caring for orphans and the elderly.

"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed"

Proverbs 19:17